hi pete

Grabbed this domain before some right wing crackpot got it. Hope you dont mind. I'll post my rants and raves on here. You might agree with me some times but not on others.

The most depressing part of the whole thing is that we really can't know the truth of what is happening. There are people who are working as hard at weaving a maze of deception as they are at trying to keep power. My goal in life is to know the truth.

Your weekly dissertation on how its all a big conspiracy by the ruling elite to keep us down is interesting and may be true, but I have found that to determine the truth, you take the two extreme positions and take the position right down the middle. Whenever I have had an occasion to discover the reality of a situation, I find this to be true.  Your postion is an extreme. Jerry Falwell and his ilk are the opposite extreme.

Anyways - I'll post stuff here every now and then. Take care.

~ WebLion ~

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