its partly our fault

You know, I hear people like you talk week after week about the bushies and their corporate agenda and the greed of the rich in the country. I believe that you are correct, but there is something else that we need to consider.

Yes, they are greedy, but that's human nature. Many people of the more liberal persuasion often times suffer from the illusion that you can change human nature. Many of these people propose public policy that simply wont work because human nature is not changeable. Greed and the lust for power are ingrained in our nature and will not disappear until we evolve into something else.

Now, you spend a lot of time talking about the evils done by the bushies and their friends like Halliburton and other major companies, but we need to look at ourselves as a people and take some of the blame for letting them do this to us.

You have often said "If voting could make a difference, then it would be illegal". Well, we have never had a test of that in this country. 

In most countries, the government controls the people by force (torture, etc) to protect the people that they really work for (the rich elite). In the USA, they have a different tactic. Propaganda-driven issue diversion. 

Issue Diversion is the process whereby the government creates a set of diversionary issues (like abortion, gun control, social security solvency) and makes the people think that these are the important issues that government needs to deal with. This is done by the politicians constantly harping on these issues and making people think that these are what all Americans are and should be concerned with.

In the meantime, they take the contributions from the corporations and do their bidding on most things. This is the MAIN ISSUE that people should be concerned with first and foremost: THAT THE GOVERNMENT IS CORRUPT AND MAKES POLICY BASED ON THE DESIRES OF THE RICH AND THE CORPORATIONS. If this issue were dealt with and solved, most of the other problems would be solved as they almost always stem from this key issue. 

In this country, the government doesn't need to imprison people for speaking out, because so few really speak out about the MAIN ISSUE and they aren't enough to sway elections.

We as a people, are to blame to some extent, for not seeing through the diversion and demanding change. This would require a majority of Americans to see the truth and be brave enough to demand that the politicians clean up their act. This would require people to be persistent and not let them off the hook. 

Imagine what would happen if the people became "smart" all of a sudden and demanded that the MAIN ISSUE be addressed. What would they think if millions of phone calls and letters came in each day, addressing specific pork projects and corporate giveaways hidden in legislation. Imagine if all of a sudden, the pollsters discovered that the people were voting against politicians not because of their stand on abortion or gun control, but because they supported giveaway A and giveaway B in recent bills. Imagine what would happen if all of a sudden, they realized that we were not going to be diverted or fooled anymore.

Then, Pete, then will be the time that we would be able to see if the maxim "If voting could make a difference, it would be illegal". 

Unless we stop worrying about the game on Sunday or the soccer practice on Thursday or the mindless sitcom on TV on Monday, etc, and as a nation, WAKE UP and ride the politicians until they deal HONESTLY with the MAIN ISSUE and start making policy that is for the benefit of THE ENTIRE NATION, and not just the rich corporations, we will never really be free. In this sense, it is OUR FAULT for allowing ourselves to be propagandized into diversionary channels. 

It takes dedication to make this change. By the millions, people need to WAKE UP, see the truth, accept it (that we aren't as free as we were taught that we were in grade school) (this takes COURAGE to face the reality). We must be EDUCATED in their methods of propaganda and be able to see through it and we must STAY ON THEM - write letters mentioning SPECIFIC PROVISIONS of SPECIFIC BILLS. When we vote against them, send them a LIST OF BILLS THAT THEY SHOULDN'T HAVE VOTED FOR or SHOULD HAVE VOTED FOR. We should tell the pollsters specifically what things we don't like - chapter and verse.

If this were ever to occur over a long period of time, it is at this point that we would see if the power mongers would do something draconian. If they did, we would have another choice to make: Would we live up to our nations promise of freedom and FIGHT or would we accept the yolk and remain slaves?

Something to think about. But, although it is immoral for the rich to be so greedy and for the corporations to do some of the things that they do, it us UP TO US as a people to stand up, be brave enough to accept reality, smart enough to see through their propaganda and persistent enough to ride them till they get in line. 

I am not optimistic that this will occur and I base this on my past observation of the masses. They just don't seem to care and allow themselves to be led by the propaganda organs of power like "Foxhole News" and friends.

If we are really to test the limits of our liberty and expand those limits, we must as a PEOPLE do it. 5 or 10 percent of the population doesn't cut it and thats all we have now. 

'nuff said for now.

Take care Pete.

~ WebLion ~


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